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Who are we?

Ayco SA was founded in 2007 and has been providing specialized services in French-speaking Switzerland for more than 10 years. O-Tek is a Swiss brand with international references.

Innovation, quality and customer satisfaction have always been at the center of the company’s activity.

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What is the need

Hospital-acquired infections are a significant and growing problem in the global healthcare industry, where millions of patients are infected and thousands of patients die each year from infections acquired during hospitalization.

In addition, HAIs result in significant additional costs for hospitals, due to extra days in bed, readmissions and reduced operational efficiency.

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Our philosophy

O-Tek’s philosophy is based on integrating proven UVC germicidal solutions with advanced lighting technologies to create innovative products for healthcare and other uses. UVC technology is used as part of the regular cleaning cycle and is intended to prevent and reduce the spread of infectious diseases, viruses, bacteria and other types of harmful organic microorganisms by breaking down their DNA structure.

UVC technology is safe, reliable and efficient. In addition, DepurAir is designed for ease of use and to be used in the presence of people.

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Our network

O-Tek is a company based in Switzerland. The development of our activities will allow an expansion on a global level. We are represented in most parts of the world thanks to our expanding distribution tel deus.

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Our mission

Thousands of patients are infected with various pathogens each year while in hospital. In addition, infections result in significant costs to hospitals due to extra bed occupancy days, patient readmission and reduced operational efficiency. Our goal is to avoid these costs and to keep patients as germ-free as possible.
Thus O-Tek was born

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User-friendliness is the key to solidarity

Faced with a growing pandemic, our governments have decided to put in place drastic health protocols that have turned our lives upside down.

Everything is called into question, we are looking for effective solutions to share, to make profitable our time.

Do not lose sight of each other, keep in touch, this united conviviality exists.

A key player in innovation, we, O-Tek, provide clear and united responses to your needs and expectations.

Our technology is safe, fast, inexpensive, join us!

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Health is a priority for everyone.

Doctors, patients, family, medical staff, we are all impacted to an extent by a silent and petty crisis.

As a healthcare professional, you have a front-row seat in ensuring the safety of your establishment or practice.

Disinfection, sterilization, eradication, the O-Tek product, SWISS SOLUTION, meets these main criteria, including against the strain of COVID-19.

Expected like the messiah by some

Dreaded by others, wars over a so-called cure medical solution are stoking laboratories around the world. We, O-Tek , do not wish to take part in this debate.

We want to be complementary so that your safety and that of your patients is a real and immediate priority.

Short disinfection times, meticulously treated surfaces and all this by UV-C radiation. All types of viral and bacteriological strains including that of Covid-19 are eradicated or inhibited as regards their reproduction.

Do you have questions about the DepurAir product?

Do you have questions or want to contact us by phone? Our customer service will be happy to assist you further. +41 79 274 72 13, Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.

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