O-Tek – Case studies

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Dental Boston

As the world’s first dental clinic to use DepurAir. their experience confirms an advance at the cutting edge of technology. By protecting their patients while ensuring the peace of mind of their teams during the Covid-19 pandemic, this clinic benefited from the help of our disinfection devices to carry out their daily missions.

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Italian hospitals

The Italian hospital chain is one of a growing number of companies rushing to adopt innovative technology to fight the coronavirus. Hospitals have had very few people with the coronavirus on their teams – nurses, doctors, or patients since they started using O-Tek’s technology.

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The US Secretary of Health

The US Secretary of Health and Human Services recognized both the success and potential of Dolphin Pointe Health Care’s unique partnership with Jacksonville University with O-Tek technology.

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McGill University Health Officer

The Research Institute of the McGill University Health Center is leading the first Canadian trial of a robot that uses ultraviolet light to disinfect.

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