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UVC disinfection increases patient safety

Nosocomial infections are a significant and growing problem in the global healthcare industry. Each year, millions of patients are infected and thousands of patients die from infections acquired during hospitalization.

Science of Life

Non-chemical disinfection of surfaces by germicidal action

UVC lights technology radiation disinfection devices are trusted tools to guarantee the extreme demands of sterile laboratory production of molecules dedicated to pharmacology. In the clean rooms of the CEA, the results expressed confirm that the presence of man and machine in synergy reaches 99.99% of total site disinfection.

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Protect your employees and your business

The fight against infections and the increase in sick leaves is an important and growing problem worldwide. This can lead to repeated absences which are costly for the administration of the healthcare facility. Ultimately, internal or external infections and epidemics generate an enormous financial burden that the entire civil society bears indirectly.


Safe environment for guests

Introducing the hospital grade disinfection solution to protect your staff and customers from the invisible threat of microorganisms in your store, hotel, cruise ship, spa, etc.

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UVC disinfection creates a safe environment

Protect children and adults in institutions from infection and mutual infection. Create a healthy and safe environment with UVC disinfection.

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Stay safe while traveling

UVC technology can disinfect larger areas such as airports and other transport stations. Keep travelers safe by having a clean environment during transport.

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